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Cellulite. Just hearing that one little word can make many women cringe. In a world where so much emphasis is placed on how we look — and in a city like New York, where flawless people seem to be everywhere — having cellulite can be a real confidence killer, and you might feel like you are the only one dealing with it. But the truth is that cellulite is quite common. In fact, a recent Pop Sugar article revealed that around 85 percent of women have cellulite — and yes, that includes celebrities and models. This prevalence is important to note because it demonstrates that cellulite is not only normal, it’s almost unavoidable.

So what is cellulite? WebMD tells us that it’s simply fat that pushes against connective tissue, causing the skin to pucker. But it’s important to note that cellulite isn’t exclusively connected to being overweight; it can — and does — occur in all body types for a variety of reasons. If you’re working to figure out the root of your cellulite, you can start by interrogating your family members because it is often hereditary. Aging is also an influence because it tends to develop over the course of years. Other factors that contribute to developing cellulite are slow metabolism, lack of exercise, hormonal changes, dehydration, and bad diets, including fad dieting. Regardless of it’s cause, for many, it’s hard to ignore and tough to get rid of.

An online search for “cellulite” yields hundreds of “cures” and promises of creams that will eliminate “cottage cheese thighs” and “butt dimples.” While changes in diet, workouts that target troubled areas, and, in certain instances, weight loss can have some positive results, when clients visit my office concerned about the appearance of cellulite on the abdomen, love handles, hips, thighs, and/or buttocks, I’m quick to recommend BodyFX. Why? Because I’ve seen first-hand how it can be a very effective treatment for dimpling and lost elasticity.

Here’s how it works: BodyFX is completely noninvasive. Patients love that it is less risky and less complicated than liposuction. Still, it has similar results — namely, smoother, tighter skin thanks to altered body contours. BodyFX uses a combination of pulsed radiofrequency energy, deep-tissue heating, and suction that team up to combat stubborn fat and reshape the body. The treatment is warm and comes with some tugging, but patients usually report feeling comfortable throughout the process.

While results are not immediate, it only takes a few sessions to notice softer, smoother skin, and you’ll see optimal results after just four to eight sessions. The best part (outside of the confidence you’ll gain) is that treatments are quick and require no downtime. Our clients are quickly in and out of the office and some even book appointments over the lunch hour!

Cellulite is natural and normal, but it can still be a drag. With today’s treatments, no one should feel like they have to feel embarrassed by it. If cellulite has got you down, call or stop in to talk about BodyFX.

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